The MiniCell is a miniaturised electrochemical cell optimising the use of the CERAPEM™ membrane technology for brine electrolysis systems.

With the MiniCell, miniaturization makes a lot of sense since the MiniCell is smaller than a credit card. Hence the MiniCell motto: “the pocket-sized hygiene generator”.

The MiniCell can be easily integrated into any equipment requiring in situ disinfectionand/or cleaning. It enables efficient on demand production of two valuable products from electrolysed brine: hypochlorous acid, a strong oxidant and disinfectant, and when needed caustic soda, a pH adjusting and cleaning agent.

The MiniCell enables equipment into which it has been integrated to achieve internal or external disinfection, biofilm elimination, energy and water savings, as well as a new hygiene feeling.

CeramHyd can supply electrochemical cells similar to the MiniCell for all sizes of in situ cleaning and disinfection equipment, in order to satisfy all needs: from very small  to larger sizes.

The MiniCell has been industrialised in partnership with Jabil Circuits Inc, a world class manufacturer, in order to ensure volumes, excellent quality and customer service.