24th of June 2015 – EN – Ceram Hyd and FCC Aqualia Partner on European Water Project

Ceram Hyd S.A and FCC Aqualia awarded a project by the Eco-Innovation Initiative of the European Union for the implementation and commercialization of safe water disinfection using an innovative ion exchange membrane solution.

Ecuelles, France and Madrid, Spain, 24th of June 2015

Ceram Hyd S.A and FCC Aqualia have been awarded a project by the Eco-Innovation initiative of the European Union which is to objectively demonstrate proprietary Ceram Hyd technology for water disinfection. The technology is centred on the CERAPEM™ ceramic membrane developed and patented by Ceram Hyd in combination with Ceram Hyd electrochemical cells and related technology. The project was selected in a highly competitive process. It is one of only 41 projects that have received a grant out of a cohort of 461 projects submitted.

This project provides a unique alternative to existing chlorination processes presently used by FCC Aqualia and other water systems operators. The goal of the project is to provide improved health benefits and environmental impact as well as safety performance for water treatment plants. The technology eliminates the need for transport and storage of dangerous chlorine at water treatment plant sites by generating a powerful chlorine derivative on-site. The project is also evaluating potential reductions in carcinogenic Disinfection By-Products (DBP’s) that are commonly generated in the presence of organic materials in surface water and are subject to strict limits by environmental regulations worldwide.

“We are pleased that this technology has been getting high acceptance from both the European Union and FCC Aqualia, a leading global water systems operator,” said Guillaume Charpy, CEO of Ceram Hyd. “This is an opportunity to showcase our technology in a variety of facilities and to build awareness about the clear economic, environmental, health and safety advantages of the Ceram Hyd technology.”

“FCC Aqualia is keen to work with Ceram Hyd in order to meet our corporate objectives around being a sustainable technology leader”, said Mr. Félix Parra, CEO of FCC Aqualia, “We want to deliver our clients with superior water quality at minimum environmental impact and that entails being technologically at the leading edge. We strive to meet and exceed the most stringent water quality standards in the industry and do this in a cost conscious and safe manner. This project with Ceram Hyd co-funded by Eco-Innovation Initiative of the European Union helps us achieve these goals.”

About Ceram Hyd

Ceram Hyd is a material science company whose technologies provide environmental solutions in energy storage, water and resource efficiency. The company has developed CERAPEM™, a highly innovative flat-sheet, flexible, ceramic ion exchange membrane whose conductivity and durability are particularly remarkable.

About FCC Aqualia

FCCAqualia2648x1402FCC Aqualia is the third largest company in Europe engaged in the management of municipal water services. FCC Aqualia responds to the needs of all parties, private and public, at all stages of the water cycle, providing water for human, industrial, and agricultural uses. FCC Aqualia has positioned itself as a leader in the sector, a cohesive, specialist operator at the forefront of the sector thanks to a highly-specialized and committed team that is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency in production processes and optimize resources.

Aqualia CeramHyd Press Release (PDF)

30 mars 2015 – FR – Ceram Hyd signe avec Jabil Circuit un partenariat pour sa production

L’accord de partenariat assure à Ceram Hyd la production dans les usines de Jabil de l’une de ses technologies à base de sa membrane CERAPEMTM.

Ecuelles, France et Tampa (Fl), USA – 30 mars 2015

Ceram Hyd S.A. et Jabil Circuit, Inc, (Jabil) ont signé un accord pour la fabrication par Jabil d’une technologie innovante développée par Ceram Hyd pour la production de désinfectants à partir de sel. Ces systèmes sont destinés à être intégrés dans des équipements électroménagers grand public et
« Cet accord est un changement d’échelle pour Ceram Hyd », déclare Guillaume Charpy, CEO de Ceram Hyd. « Il réduit nos coûts de production de façon spectaculaire et nous apporte une expertise qui accélère notre accès au marché. Ce partenariat est également une manifestation de l’intérêt et de la confiance de Jabil dans Ceram Hyd. Cet accord est une étape majeure dans la construction de notre business model et de notre croissance. »

La technologie Ceram Hyd concernée par cet accord est un système miniaturisé qui produit un désinfectant utilisable dans de nombreuses applications. Ce système fonctionne sur la base de la membrane CERAPEMTM développée et brevetée par Ceram Hyd. Il réalise des opérations complexes sans voir sa durabilité affectée. Plus de détails sur ce système seront dévoilés ultérieurement.
Jabil poursuit ses investissements dans des capacités de production de nouvelles technologies innovantes. « Nous avons observé le développement des technologies innovantes de Ceram Hyd avec un grand intérêt, et nous nous réjouissons de nous engager maintenant aux côtés de Ceram Hyd dans la diffusion de leur technologie avec les moyens de production et l’effet de levier que procure la supply chain de Jabil », affirme John Dargan, VP Développement Stratégique de Jabil.

A propos de Ceram Hyd

Ceram Hyd est une société des sciences des matériaux dont les technologies apportent des solutions environnementales dans les domaines du stockage de l’énergie, de l’eau et de l’économie des ressources. Ceram Hyd a développé et breveté la membrane CERAPEMTM, une membrane innovante de céramique souple échangeuse d’ions dont les propriétés de conductivité et de durabilité sont particulièrement remarquables.

A propos de Jabil

Jabil_FullColorLogoJabil est une société de solutions dans l’industrie électronique ; elle offre aux entreprises de technologie une large gamme de services dans le développement et la fabrication d’équipements électroniques.
Jabil apporte à ses clients l’efficacité de sa supply chain à partir de ses implantations dans 24 pays, et développe une offre adaptée aux besoins de chacun ses clients dans une large gamme d’industries.
Jabil est coté à la bourse de New York sous le symbole « JBL ». Plus d’informations sur le site

Jabil Manufacturing Agreement Français (PDF)

March 30, 2015 – EN – Ceram Hyd signs Manufacturing Partnership with Jabil Circuit

Manufacturing agreement provides for high volume industrial production of Ceram Hyd proprietary CERAPEMTM based technology at Jabil facilities.

Ecuelles, France and Tampa (Fl), USA – March 30, 2015

Ceram Hyd S.A. and Jabil Circuit Inc. (Jabil) have signed an agreement for the manufacturing by Jabil of innovative devices developed by Ceram Hyd that produce chemicals for disinfection from ordinary salt brine. Such devices are intended to be integrated into OEM’s white goods appliances for mass market and professional production.

“This is absolutely a game-changing agreement for Ceram Hyd”, says Guillaume Charpy, CEO of Ceram Hyd, “the deal dramatically lowers our manufacturing costs and gives us the manufacturing and production expertise that enables our technology to enter the market with real speed. The Jabil partnership reflects Jabil’s ongoing support and confidence in our company. The deal is a major step in building our business as we move forward with our growth strategy.”
The Ceram Hyd technology covered by the agreement is a miniaturized device that produces disinfection chemicals that can be used in a myriad of industries. The device incorporates the patented CERAPEMTM membrane and performs complex processes with no moving parts. The details around the device itself will be announced at another time.

Jabil continues to invest in manufacturing capabilities for new disruptive technologies. “We have been watching the development of Ceram Hyd’s innovative technology with great interest and we are pleased to now formally engage with Ceram Hyd and support them in scaling their technology through the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and leverage of the Jabil supply chain” said Mr. John Dargan, Jabil Vice President, Strategic Development.

About Ceram Hyd

Ceram Hyd is a material science company whose technologies provide environmental solutions in energy, water and resource efficiency. The company has developed CERAPEMTM, a highly innovative
proprietary flat-sheet, flexible, ceramic ion exchange membrane whose conductivity and durability are particularly remarkable.

About Jabil

Jabil_FullColorLogo Jabil is an electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design and manufacturing product management services to global electronics and technology companies. Offering complete product supply chain management from facilities in 24 countries, Jabil provides comprehensive, individualized-focused solutions to customers in a broad range of industries. Jabil common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, “JBL. Further information is available on Jabil’s website:

Jabil CeramHyd Agreement press release English (PDF)